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Zhejiang precision punch is your first choice

Release time:2019-03-28 16:04:47.000visit:423

Precision punching machine uses a wide range of good performance, at the same time, can be equipped with automatic feeding machine, automatic transfer of the whole production line processing, production and manufacturing is essential for the production of goods.
The safe and stable operation, -
The clutch / brake device is highly sensitive, and then to the top of the dual solenoid valve and overload protection device, to ensure the accuracy and safety of the press slider operation and stop.
Adjust the adjustment mechanism of precision up to 0.1mm, adjust the production more safe, fast.
High precision
Crankshaft, gear, gear shaft and other parts of the friction and other parts of the hardening heat treatment, and then grinding, with high wear resistance and balance, stable performance, to ensure the quality and life of the punch press.
- processing automation
Collocation can be any automatic feeding mechanism, automatic production, reduce costs, improve efficiency.
- environmental protection, energy saving
And beautiful appearance, low noise, low consumption, save energy, smooth and simple appearance can reflect the advanced design concept.
Zhejiang precision punch is your first choice!
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