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Introduction of high performance punch main parameters

Release time:2019-01-23 16:04:59.000visit:533

High performance punch press manufacturers to introduce the main parameters of high performance punch.
1 of the nominal pressure exergy slider a distance before check in to the next, the maximum force generated by the force of the slider, nominal pressure. Nominal pressure punch mark, the unit is KN (KN) * (10KN=1 tons.) As our J23-40 is the 40 tons.
The 2 slide slider exergy BDC distance, generally unchanged. Exergy like engine piston is always a reciprocating motion will not change, unless bad, such as our J23-40 slider stroke is 90mm.
The number of 3 times a minute trip included the reciprocating motion of the slider, our J23-40 stroke number is 55/min
4 check exergy by adjusting the length of the connecting rod screw, the slider in the top and the position of the is as a slider adjustment quantity, our j23-40 slider adjustment quantity is 50mm.
5 shut height exergy refers to the slider in the upper and lower dead point position and slide block bottom surface to distance the countertop, check point is the maximum closed height, next check point is the smallest closed height, our j23-40 maximum closed height 240mm.
6 mold closing height refers to the mold closing down the upper and lower end surface distance. Mould closing height should be located between the punch closing height. 7 from our J23-40 aperture shank shank aperture size is shown in 42-70mm
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