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High performance precision strength steel punching machine products

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Precision punch is our production of high quality products, precision punch and the general machine compared to what are the benefits? It is the best place to have a number of protective devices, so that our production and processing more secure.
1, security and constantly improve the initiative security, which is the MISK's long insisted on the belief that the user will always provide the most safe and reliable use of experience, the idea in the C1N series to get the full experience.
2, the C1N series all the brakes are equipped with advanced dry brake clutch, coupled with the precise and sharp from the TACO of the double solenoid valve can shorten the braking time in the maximum limit. In addition, the brake assist system two degrees down device in the event of a sudden incident, when the brake is detected, will once again provide the brake signal, in order to provide the brake signal again to provide enough power to ensure timely and accurate brake.
3, the user protection in the design phase of the C1N series, the highest level of user protection is also the biggest goal of MISK. Therefore, the hands of the operating button and between the body and the body to set aside enough space to protect the safety of staff, while in the system design of the two hands at the same time to start, to ensure that the body damage caused by misuse. The protection of the consumer is further enhanced by the photoelectric protection device or the installation of the protective net.
4, die protection c1n series presses are standard configuration of the imported over load device to protect the punch due to overload stamping, mold caused by deformation and damage, at the same time, it is also equipped with a fault detection device can be matched with automatic punching die device, in order to better protect the mold.
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