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Jinfeng remind you press mold installation notes

Release time:2019-01-16 16:05:16.000visit:503

Jinfeng punch manufacturer to remind you of a punch die installation should pay attention to these points.
One Should first be confirmed before the installation of sharp edges of the mold, no crack blade die, no missing angle. If there is a crack or flaw in the press, please wear the edge.
Two Between the upper and the lower part of the clamp should be dead before the pad a piece of silicon steel, to prevent the treatment process of blade scratch.
Punch machine
Three Stroke adjustment to proper position compaction mode, we must ensure that we die or die in the air at the bottom, gently close coordination of the slide block, a pressing plate screw under pressure. Then, to adjust the slider, remove the silicon steel sheet in the middle. Unscrew the screw template, adjust the slide down, until 4 ~ 3 mm punching die, press the screw plate. New die punch 3 ~ 4 mm must be in the concave die, otherwise, will be advantageous to the perforation collapse or die.
Four Die punch before grinding, stone bottom and burr, clean up trash, cleaning cloth. If there is a burr or garbage, the mold on the plane will lead to the super poor lamination.
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